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Young People & Children

The Youth Leadership Foundation (YLF)
This groundbreaking leadership development programme gives young people the opportunity to reach their full potential by gaining skills which enable them to make a difference to their lives, the lives of those around them and in their communities. Participants take leadership on issues that are critical to them and relevant to 21st century society. Diversity Hub’s vision for the YLF can be found here. First evaluation of the new training programme can be seen here.

Friends Against Bullying (FAB)
FAB is a well-established Diversity Hub programme that puts young people at the heart of tackling bullying in their schools. It gives pupils the skills they need to take the lead in acting well for themselves and those around them, which in turn boosts their confidence and builds awareness. FAB has successfully transformed how schools effectively deal with bullying and pupils’ experience of school.

“I joined Diversity Hub as a shy and quiet 11-year old. But Friends Against Bullying (FAB) showed me how to stand up to the bullies who’d taunted me throughout primary school. Within a few weeks, I’d become a FAB leader and was helping other students. Now I’m a completely different person – I’ve grown in confidence, made lots of new friends and am a proud supporter of anti-bullying work in the UK.” Sally

Champions Against Violence (CAV)
Designed to meet the needs of vulnerable young people, CAV explores the connection between bullying and domestic violence and the impact both can have on individuals and their relationships with others. Participants gain the confidence and skills to have a voice and develop their capacity to challenge damaging behaviour.

Fun Laughter Talking
The transition between primary and secondary school can be difficult, particularly for vulnerable children. Fun Laughter Talking prepares these children and their parents/carers for the change with a series of activities designed to build confidence and strengthen the relationship between parent and child.

Learning Together
This programme is designed to improve outcomes for vulnerable children at junior school. Sessions are aimed at changing and improving relationships between ‘hard to reach’ children and their parents, as well as with their school.

“My child doesn’t enjoy school, but he loved going to this.”
“It was lovely being listened to by my Mum.”
Learning Together participants

Training for Diversity Representatives. A series of workshop-based sessions which enable diversity representatives in a variety of settings to develop the confidence, knowledge and skills they need to effectively support their peers/colleagues. In addition to raising awareness of the types of issues that can arise, it also looks at how representatives can make their peers/colleagues feel welcome and encourage them to have a voice. Initially developed for young people who were taking leadership roles in a young offenders institute, the programme has since been adapted for delivery in a range of organisations, including schools.

Rising Asian Women (RAW) RAW is an innovative programme that empowers Asian women to take leadership for themselves, those around them and in their communities.


Welcoming Diversity
This programme is particularly useful for teams of work colleagues and organisations who work with a wide range of clients. It explores how people view both themselves and each other in relation to issues around diversity, and celebrates that diversity. The programme strengthens participants’ ability to form strong and supportive relationships with their colleagues and clients. It also equips them with the skills to challenge language and behaviour without causing offence.

Working with Identity
This is a short workshop which gives participants the opportunity to explore their identities, how they view others and how this affects their relationships. It can be used as a team-building opportunity to develop new relationships between colleagues and clients.

Women as Leaders
This programme empowers women to be leaders, by exploring the issues that can prevent them from taking leadership. See summary of  programmes here.

Men as Leaders
A series of workshop-based sessions which gives men the opportunity to discuss how their experience of being men shapes them as leaders. The new insights participants gain are aimed at deepening their understanding and changing how they act as leaders.

‘Creators not Consumers’
Another innovative Diversity Hub programme, aimed at older people. Through a combination of workshops and training sessions, participants are equipped with the confidence and skills they need to be able to play a bigger role in the development and delivery of the services they use in their local communities.

A good ending

Adults as Allies
All Diversity Hub gift workers, associates and staff are encouraged to maximise their contribution and role with the organisation. Many young gift workers go on to co-deliver some of the organisation’s programmes. However, co-working with young people can be challenging for many adults. Adults as Allies is therefore aimed at developing both adults and young people’s ability to work together more effectively.

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