Our Vision & Values


Diversity Hub’s vision is of a time when each of us recognises our capacity and responsibility to take leadership in our everyday lives.

Diversity Hub believes everybody has the ability to act on a daily basis to bring about change – to be leaders.

We therefore work to equip people with the confidence, the insight and the skills to display good leadership. This means acting in the interests of  ourselves, those around us and the wider community.

Good leadership can bring us closer together. With each other’s support, we are able to challenge injustice and build a better world for all. Our current annual report gives a flavour of our recent activities.

“I used to be shy and unsure of myself. Diversity Hub helped me to become a strong and confident young woman. At a Friends Against Bullying (FAB) workshop I had the chance to speak up about being bullied. This motivated me to become a FAB leader. My self-esteem grew and I gained new friends. Now I have faith not only in myself, but in others as well. Diversity Hub taught me every one can make changes and together we can turn the world into a better place!” Milli

Our work is underpinned by four simple values. Diversity Hub is:

  1. Respectful
  2. Fair
  3. Thought-provoking
  4. Empowering

Diversity Hub will ensure that every programme, every workshop, every contact we make will leave people feeling they have had an experience that matches these values.

This gives us integrity and makes our work effective. People who are treated with respect and fairness are open to thoughtful conversations that lead to understanding and empowerment.

“My involvement with Diversity Hub, as a volunteer and then as Chair of the Trustees, has had a significant impact on my personal development. The various programmes and workshops I’ve helped out on have made me value the importance of making interventions to tackle prejudice. They’ve also enabled me to reach an understanding of diversity in its widest sense – to see the hurts we all have and how they affect us.” Paritosh

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