Gift Workers & Associates

“I joined Diversity Hub as a gift worker after going for some careers advice – and have never looked back! I’ve picked up new skills and knowledge from working on various projects – Making A Difference, Champions Against Violence – and gained confidence in delivering workshops. Now I know youth work is for me. Working with Diversity Hub has given me great satisfaction and I want to be out there making a difference in young people’s lives.” Lyvia

Diversity Hub is proud to work with a wide network of associates, sessional and ‘gift workers’, each of whom brings special gifts and experience to our programmes.

Diversity Hub is heavily reliant upon its gift workers – those who volunteer their skills and time to support the organisation in a range of crucial areas. We offer opportunities for people who would like to get involved to support their career and personal development.

These individuals are known to us as ‘gift workers’ rather than as ‘volunteers’, as we believe this more accurately reflects the quality and importance of the contributions they make to Diversity Hub and the expectations they have of themselves.

Fatima Variava • Rising Asian Women (RAW) leader

Fatima has been a Diversity Hub gift worker for the last three years. Currently studying full time to become a teacher, she also finds the time to represent young people in a wide range of Leicester forums.  In Diversity Hub, Fatima leads the new and innovative Rising Asian Women programme.

Hartirath Gill-Sharma • Gift worker – programme evaluation

An experienced researcher and evaluator, Hartirath has been advising Diversity Hub on its evaluation systems for almost two years. She has also completed a longitudinal impact study of the Champions Against Violence programme and is providing on-going policy and market analysis for the organisation.

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Ian Fogg • Gift worker support

Ian is passionate in his desire to tackle bullying and to improve the lives of others. He has improved and updated the gift worker induction process, managed the production of a promotional video describing the impact of gift working at Diversity Hub and is currently researching cyber-bullying. Ian also co-ordinates the production of the Diversity Hub newsletter and manages the Facebook page.

Jacquie Thornber • Gift worker – finance support

Jacquie has worked with Diversity Hub in a range of roles for more than 15 years. She is currently involved in supporting the organisation’s financial processes and also assists with the co-ordination of Diversity Hub events.

Liz Henze • Sessional worker

Liz has a unique 20 years’ experience of innovating, developing and delivering Diversity Hub programmes. A talented and flexible group worker, Liz has added value to a wide range of programmes and can work with a diverse range of clients. She leads on the development and delivery of the Champions Against Violence programme. Liz also organises Diversity Hub’s annual fundraising event, the Wheely Great Bike Ride.

Michelle Wright • Gift worker – communications

A budding writer/editor committed to principles of equality and social justice, Michelle has been working on Diversity Hub’s website copy. She has also produced ‘pen portraits’ of members of the Diversity Hub Family for use in promoting the organisation. Michelle also provides technical support and advice on the development and maintenance of Diversity Hub’s website.

Nand Sall • Sessional worker

While pursuing a successful career in writing and the media, Nand has still found the time to establish himself as an outstanding group worker on the Glen Parva Young Offenders programme.

Shama Abdulla • Gift worker – programme development & delivery

In addition to studying to qualify as a youth worker, Shama also contributes to the development and delivery of the Youth Leadership Foundation and Rising Asian Women programmes.

The ‘Diversity Hub Family’

In addition to those above, a further network of people who have known and become committed to the organisation’s aspirations and values, also remain available to support the delivery of our programmes and keep in touch with our work. Together they make up the ‘Diversity Hub Family’.

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