Working With Us

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If you think taking leadership should be an inclusive process everyone can flourish in and contribute towards, then Diversity Hub can support you and/or your organisation to unlock that potential.

So please get in touch if you are interested in our work, need help with a problem in your institution or community, or think our ideas might have something to offer you.

Our approach is to begin with an open conversation, in which we can explore areas of mutual interest, shared values and issues that need work. From there, we can suggest ways in which we might work together to meet your needs and/or those of your organisation.

We look forward to hearing from you.

“As a teenager, I was bullied and suffered with depression and anxiety. Then I began to volunteer with Diversity Hub. They believed in me and my confidence grew. Today I’m strong, assertive and full of motivation. I work with young people, helping to build their skills and self-esteem, and am training to be a social worker. It’s thanks to Diversity Hub I’ve been able to use my negative experiences in a positive way.” Anon

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