What We Do

“For years I felt my ability to tackle prejudice and inequality hampered by my gender and the colour of my skin. Diversity Hub enabled me to see beyond them.  The workshops I attended, with their explorations of sexism, racism and other forms of discrimination, revealed many identities I can take pride in. Over 10 years on, I still use what I learnt in those workshops. They freed me to act.” Tim

At the heart of every Diversity Hub programme is a three-stage process:

1.    Raising awareness of everyday prejudice

2.    Building respect through recognising each other’s identities

3.    Gaining skills and confidence for everyday leadership

Our work explores this cycle, whether over the course of a single day workshop or a programme of sessions over several months.

Our values are embedded in this process and in the way we treat those who participate.

We encourage participants to share their own personal stories and experiences, and make sure the voices of those from different groups are heard. We have found this is a powerful way to build confidence, insight and unity between people.

Identity Workshop

Sessions are designed to be active. Work is undertaken in pairs and small groups, with plenty of opportunity for discussion. Participants also get to watch new techniques being modelled and to practise these skills themselves.

They adopt an upbeat tone in order to foster a sense of safety. We want people to feel they are able to fully participate in exploring and tackling the challenging and difficult issues that can arise.

Each time, our participants find themselves going back to the start. This is because with new skills and capacities, the challenges they saw at the beginning now look different. With growing confidence and fresh insight, they begin to feel better able to make changes and take actions that had previously seemed too tough or beyond their capabilities.

Participants leave equipped  to deal more effectively with the prejudices and challenges they may meet in everyday life. They have more capacity to take everyday leadership, and therefore to change their lives, the lives of those around them and to extend that contribution to the wider community.

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